Our Story

about-usGrizzly Cage founders Wayne Richardson and Darcy Irwin crossed paths at a local Calgary boxing club in early January of 2007. It was precisely three years later that Grizzly Cage would be incorporated. An intense attraction to the sport resulted in both the union of their business and personal lives.

Darcy and Wayne believe that regardless of limitations or stage of life, every individual can benefit from experiencing a sense of belonging in a community that will encourage their continued personal growth and development of identity.  Too often, people become attached to wrongly perceived self-limitations.  The aim of Grizzly Cage is to provide a training facility and supportive environment that nurtures growth by building upon one’s unique strengths, encouraging them to push past hurdles, real or perceived.

We launched initiatives within both our recreational and competitive streams that will help to shape the manner by which participants function within the Grizzly Cage environment. A very thorough safety protocol is the foundation to protect participants against unnecessary injury.

It is with fierce pride that Grizzly Cage will endeavour to flourish uniquely in the hands of its creators and it is determined to do so equally in the eyes of its trainers, customers, sponsors, suppliers and supporters.

Our Team