Grizzly Cage is the destination for any combative sports enthusiast or first time live events spectator! An exciting light show with every event along with a professional TV/Radio Announcer.  Grizzly Cage is a comfortable spacious venue for events in Boxing and has showcased well in several movie, television and film productions.

When an up close adventure with special treatment is preferred, our Ringside Round Table Seating allows fans to be as close to the action as possible without actually being in the ring. These guests will be treated to catered meals and dedicated servers. For those seeking the VIP experience.

Grizzly Cage is one of the most exciting places to see a live event. As soon as you walk in, you feel the anticipation of the pending action in the air. Energetic fans, it’s all about the live experience!

In addition to our fully sanctioned professionally organized shows for amateur athletes, Grizzly Cage will also support Alberta’s up and coming combative sports talent by hosting special events for White Collar/Masters Boxing Division (+35 years) events where our local competitors can hone their skills and build a fan base.