Corporate Team Day

“Wish the organizational culture of your arena was radiating with preparedness, courage, strategy, potency, conviction, unshakable self discipline?”

“Unrelenting force of change and pressure feel like your principal opponent?”

“Expected to contend with it all while demonstrating proficiency and grace?”

If the answers to these questions are yes, then you are probably a leader and mindful or not, you likely bear traits characteristic to a professional fighter! Customize your very own Team Day or consider us presenting you with a packaged option.

Grizzly Cage invites your company to our Corporate Colosseum to experience “A day in the life of a Fighter”, we promise you it is indeed an infectious, unique and extremely fun way to build your “team”! Imagine taking your group out of the everyday “grind” and treating them to an extraordinary experiential day, one where they will have the opportunity to practice and learn firsthand how to position themselves like a fighter (“stance”) with whatever comes at them.

Groups will participate in good natured combat themed games in order to learn new skills in a spectacular learning environment, ultimately giving rise to new discoveries among colleagues and most importantly self discovery.

Concerned about whether your whole group will be open to this unique idea? Have no fear, the day is intentionally designed to be inclusive, exciting and well rounded enough for absolutely everyone to learn and enjoy. We have a personal interest in supporting individuals with exceptional needs and will do our very best to make everyone feel comfortable.

Early in the adventure we take somewhat of a theoretical dive into the historical roots of traditional vs. modern day martial arts and look at how they are enmeshed. We will then set the stage for drawing comparisons between your work environment and the world of a Fighter. Moving from there to an interactive level, drawing and discussing examples from the participants as to how they view and interpret the parallels between the two environments specific to their own workplace.

Next, we move toward the fun action-packed portion of the day, focusing on identifying and gaining a better understanding of where individualism and collectivism coexist and how we can recognize where the significance plays out within specific positions/roles. This exercise will unfold vastly different within each company, keeping your experience distinct. We will break for lunch and take a digestion break.

With all of the hard work going on, we ensure some relaxation is available to be built into the day as well! Our Registered Massage Therapist will provide a 15 minute chair massage for each participant.

The action portion consists of touring through the Coliseum. Participants will receive coaching via video performance feedback as well as an opportunity to compete and win prizes in the Demonstration at day’s end. In the name of “insane fun” the Demonstration will be staged on the Grizzly Cage Professional Centre Boxing Ring and will be hosted by a Ring Announcer as well as scored by skilled judges who will select the participant who best demonstrates the day’s learning. Following the demonstration, photo ops using combative gear will take place in both Grizzly Cage Professional Boxing Rings.

The chief objectives of the day are to engage in fun activity outside of the “comfort zone” in order to inspire a paradigm shift. Receiving exposure to and opportunity to “try on” an arsenal of “fighter” skills your group will capture some remarkable memories! Ultimately departing the Corporate Coliseum with a brand new “stance”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require any martial arts or sports experience to participate?


Do I need special equipment or clothing for my first visit? Will there be physical contact?

We provide free parking and open storage area for your items, if you wish to lock valuables please bring along a combination lock to use in our locker room during your class. Please wear comfortable flexible workout wear and indoor runners. Please bring a full water bottle. We will lend you boxing gloves for your first free class. If you join you will need boxing gloves and hand wraps, we can assist with how to shop for these items. In your free class and ongoing, you are the one making all of the contact! Should you choose to pursue sparring as you develop in the future, at that time we would prepare you for the protective equipment upgrade – so there is no need to concern yourself with this for some time (or never, many people practice skills mastery and take in the fitness advantages but have no desire to spar or to compete).