Silvertip Boxing – Active Aging

Yes, typically by this point “silver tips” have come out in all of us, but that doesn’t have to mean we lose our energy levels or want to have less fun! Our active aging private 1:1 training is designed to mitigate against the physical and mental challenges that older adults and seniors are facing over time.  By combining physical exercise, boxing skills and cognitive based challenges/tasks. With regular attendance and active participation you will not only see improvement in overall strength and fitness but you will feel positively supported by your peers and coach. In the physical fitness component, we focus on core stability, functional strength, cardio respiratory fitness, stamina, flexibility, reaction time, balance, coordination and mobility. The technical aspect includes heavy bag and double-end work, scenario-driven drills with focus pads, footwork drills, dip-line training and plenty more. Fight cognitive decline with us and expect to have lot’s of fun!

Is there an age limit? No, participation is based on overall physical fitness, balance and mobility.  People participate in Grizzly Boxing Programs into their 80’s so do not let age alone discourage you from exploring this as an option.

Please Note:  REGISTER AT ANYTIME. We offer a free pre screening phone discussion to determine if you are suitable for the program and then we book an initial assessment conducted by a professional prior to commencing training.  Please note, these sessions also require Physician’s Consent in advance, we have a form available for this purpose.  Contact Darcy with any questions by calling 403.992.8032 or email:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in top physical condition to get started? No, we start where you are at with your individual fitness level upon arriving and encourage gradual growth. Our group classes are designed using intensity and time as the measure. This means you will be doing the same quality exercise as your classmates but you do not need to perform the same quantity. We want to see you learning proper form at the beginning then transition to expect higher quantity as you grow in your overall fitness.

Do I require any prior martial arts, boxing or sports experience to participate? No.

What should I bring with me to class? Please wear comfortable, flexible workout wear. Indoor runners are required – no exceptions. Please bring along a full water bottle. We are no longer able to lend or share equipment due to COVID – 19 safety measures. For your initial TRIAL INTRO to Boxing you do not need any boxing equipment. If you decide to join with a membership you will need boxing gloves, jump rope and hand wraps we can assist with these items. Should you optionally pursue sparring as you develop, we would prepare you for a protective boxing equipment upgrade.

Is there free parking? Yes.

Are there locker rooms? Yes, but you are also welcome to arrive in your workout wear ready to train.

Is there a Weights/Cardio Room at the club? Yes

Is it a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers with no prior experience? Yes