Silvertip Boxing – Active Aging

Yes, typically by this point “silver tips” have come out in all of us, but that doesn’t have to mean we lose our energy levels or want to have less fun! Our active aging program is designed to mitigate against the physical and mental challenges that older adults and seniors are facing over time.  By combining physical exercise, boxing skills and cognitive based challenges/tasks. With regular attendance and active participation you will not only see improvement in overall strength and fitness but you will feel positively supported by your peers and coach. In the physical fitness component, we focus on core stability, functional strength, cardio respiratory fitness, stamina, flexibility, reaction time, balance, coordination and mobility. The technical aspect includes heavy bag and double-end work, partner scenario-driven drills with focus pads, footwork drills, dip-line training and plenty more. Expect to have lot’s of fun and work hard alongside like-minded individuals.

Moderately paced exercise classes focusing on improving participant’s functional strength and on increasing aerobic endurance. Primarily a standing class.

Please Note:  We get underway in October 2021, please advance REGISTER AT ANYTIME. We also offer a private ICEBREAKER SESSION by request, if you prefer a more gradual introduction. Contact Darcy with any questions by calling 403.992.8032 or email:

Co-Ed (55+ years)

$297Expires 3 Months from date of your 1st class
  • 3 Month Membership
  • (Two Classes per Week)
  • 10{6bef86f1e1f4536467b53bbb54bf9e9c8ca54b6feb286ec34996e011a738ea13} Seniors Discount applies to all passes!
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30 am – 10:30 am
  • Set to start in October 2021!
  • NON CONTACT CLASS (You still get to do the punching, you just won’t be punched back at!)
  • Little to no limitations to exercise
  • Beginners welcome, no previous boxing experience necessary
  • Capable of doing 30+ minutes of continuous physical activity
  • No significant mobility or balance issues

ALL of the above are subject to 5% GST

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require any martial arts or sports experience to participate?


Do I need special equipment or clothing for my first visit? Will there be physical contact?

We provide free parking and open storage area for your items, if you wish to lock valuables please bring along a combination lock to use in our locker room during your class. Please wear comfortable flexible workout wear and indoor runners. Please bring a full water bottle. We will lend you boxing gloves for your first free class. If you join you will need boxing gloves and hand wraps, we can assist with how to shop for these items. In your free class and ongoing, you are the one making all of the contact! Should you choose to pursue sparring as you develop in the future, at that time we would prepare you for the protective equipment upgrade – so there is no need to concern yourself with this for some time (or never, many people practice skills mastery and take in the fitness advantages but have no desire to spar or to compete).