Grizzly Fit – Body & Brain (Ages 55+)

Consider active aging and functional independence group classes, they are designed to mitigate against the physical and mental challenges that older adults and seniors are facing over time. Lifelong physical activity, combined with specific functional training, is key to maintaining physical independence. Training includes: neuromuscular (nerve to muscle); musculoskeletal (muscles and bones); balance; mobility, cardio respiratory (heart and lungs) and cognition (brain).

We do all of this by combining physical exercise, boxing skills and cognitive based challenges/tasks. With regular attendance and active participation you will not only see improvement in overall strength and fitness but you will feel positively supported by your peers and instructor.

The program is designed for the needs of those ages 55+ and seniors.  Participation is based on overall physical fitness, balance and mobility.  People participate in Grizzly Boxing Programs into their 80’s so do not let age alone discourage you from exploring this as an option.

With a monthly membership, the cost per class works out to $17/class.  The registration fee of $99.00 includes the equipment for the classes and there are no cancellation fees, we do however ask that you kindly provide us with 30 days notice so that we can assist others in their onboarding process to this unique group.

Please Note:  REGISTER AT ANYTIME. We offer a free pre screening phone discussion to determine if you are suitable for the program. Optionally you may also book an initial physical fitness and mobility assessment conducted by a licensed professional prior to commencing training.  The assessment is conducted on site at our facility.  Please note, these classes do require a Physician’s Consent in advance, we have a simple form available for this purpose.  Contact Darcy with any questions by calling 403.992.8032 or email: